Graceful Expressions

Graceful Expressions: The Teaching and Learning of Indian Dance

"Graceful Expressions: The Teaching and Learning of Indian Dance." A panel discussion on Indian Dance education and performance in the Pacific Northwest, given virtually on June 17, 2021.

Panelists were Dr. Ratna Roy, renowned artist and a guru of Odissi; Marissa Betz-Zall, Roy’s long-time student; Anwesha Das, Bharatanatyam artist and guru; and Akhi Vadari, a young Bharatanatyam artist. The panel was chaired and moderated by Latha Sambamurti, with assistance from Stefanie Fatooh.

The panel features insightful responses to thought-provoking questions about the nature of classical Indian dance traditions, from attention to detail to its spirituality and storytelling power. Experienced panelists discuss teaching and learning practices in India and the United States, showcase various performances via video, and engage with panel attendees during the question-and-answer segment.

This panel is the culmination of our Graceful Expressions series - view the rest on our Series page!

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