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Deepali Jamwal

Deepali Jamwal is originally from India, where her father served in the army as a Brigadier General.  As a result, Deepali’s family moved frequently during her childhood and she got the chance to live in many of the different states of India, immersing herself in the different cultures and learning their different languages and dance styles.  Deepali later went on to earn her MBA while she also simultaneously trained as a dancer at the prestigious Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts in Mumbai.  She eventually settled in Canada before relocating to Seattle about five years ago.

Although she has extensive professional experience in commercial real estate finance, Deepali made a career change in October of 2019 and began to run her own dance studio, Live2Dance Seattle, which is an evolution of the dance community that she originally started 10 years ago in Ottawa, Canada.  Live2Dance is located in Belltown and offers Indian and Bollywood dance training as well as classes in other styles like contemporary dance and hip hop.  As Deepali says, “It’s a community. I don’t call myself a school, I serve a dance family.”

Of course, COVID has been a challenging time for Deepali and Live2Dance.  In an effort to reach out to other dance studios to see if they could collaborate in order to help each other survive, and by early 2021, she found that eight out of the ten studies she contacted had permanently closed already.  She has experienced an outpouring of support from people on social media and in a way, she feels the support people have shown Live2Dance shows that she has been successful in creating the community she envisioned.  Unfortunately, Live2Dance closed its physical doors as of May 2021, but Deepali is already looking forward to what is next to come for her dance family.

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