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Langston Collin Wilkins, PhD

Langston Collin Wilkins, PhD

Director of the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions


Langston is the Director of the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions, a program of Humanities Washington and the Washington State Arts Commission. He oversees the center’s Cultural Traditions Survey and Heritage Arts Apprenticeship Program as well documentation and archiving activities.

He founded Rites of Green to share the rich traditions in Washington state in one place.

Langston and the Center serve as resources for folk and traditional arts research, documentation, and programming across Washington state. Langston received his PhD in Folklore & Ethnomusicology from Indiana University in 2016. As a researcher and writer, his interests have included urban folklife, African American folklife and hip hop culture. These interests informed his doctoral dissertation titled “Screwston, Texas: The Impact of Space, Place, and Cultural Identity on Music Making in Houston, Texas’ Hip Hop Music Scene,” which is an ethnographic examination of Houston, Texas’ hip hop music scene, focusing on the creation of community identity within it.

Kate McElroy

Kate McElroy

Digital Media Intern at the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions


Kate McElroy holds an MA in Folk Studies (2019) and a BA in Anthropology (2016), both from Western Kentucky University. Her professional history includes folklife programming, nonprofit work, and museum experience.

As the managing editor for Rites of Green, Kate hopes to facilitate a landing place for discussions about the aspects of our lives that connect us to each other.

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