Graceful Expressions

Gayatri Nagarkar

Gayatri is originally from the Indian state of Maharashtra and has been in Seattle since 2016.  She started dancing around 2002 and begin teaching about five years after that.  Although she danced briefly when she was a child, Gayatri didn’t began studying Indian dance seriously until she was 18 years old, which is unusual for serious dancers.  Although this “comeback” as she calls it was difficult, she feels fortunate that she had a good teacher to help her become the dancer she is today.  Her teacher also passed down life skills to her, teaching her how to speak and present herself, among other things.

Gayatri studies Kathak dance, with is from Northern India.  Her teacher’s teacher passed on a style of Kathak that stemmed from a combination of the specific styles from Jaipur and Lucknow, and that is the style that Gayatri learned in western India.  

Prior to 2018, Gayatri performed regularly in Seattle in productions by Pratidhwani, in conjunction with several Indian dance schools, and in community performances as well.  She feels very supported and appreciated by the greater community in Seattle and is impressed by the variety and vibrance of the Indian dance community here.  Although Gayatri has been quarantining in India during COVID, she has been teaching online classes and is looking forward to her return to Seattle.

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