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Rites of Green shines a light on the rich traditions & cultures throughout our state.

Rites of Green is an online space curated by Humanities Washington and the Washington State Arts Commission where makers, documentarians, artists, writers, musicians, & activists from Washington’s many walks of life can exhibit their work & illuminate their regions.

NEW Series Spotlight:

Twin Harbors Culture Bearers

Twin Harbors Culture Bearers: For a culture-bearer, indigenous knowledge is not knowledge about his or her culture. Rather, the practices are culture itself, the ways of their ancestors—a living thing that cannot be separated from the person. The individuals at the center of this series all represent different ways to preserve and protect their unique bodies of knowledge.

Kristi Maldonado and two others hold out dollar bills as tips to a performer out of frame.

New Documentary: Center for Washington Cultural Traditions presents a short documentary on Kristi Maldonado who performs as drag king Cesar Hart in Twin Harbors, Washington.

February 8, 2021
Traditional Artists of the Yakima Valley

Rachel Ruelas & Quinceañera Dressmaking

January 28, 2021
Traditional Artists of the Yakima Valley

Iksiks Washanahl’a (The Little Swans)

January 28, 2021
Traditional Artists of the Yakima Valley

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