Folk Forward

Alan Rammer

“Each day at the beach tells a story,” and so do the glass floats that Alan collects...

These remnants from fishermen’s nets are the “Cadillac of beach finds”, hand-blown glass baubles that, in some cases, made their way across entire oceans to the banks of Washington waterfronts, settling amongst the driftwood for beachcombers to find and admire.

Alan details the moments in his life that led to becoming an intrinsic part of the Washington beachcombing community, from his friendship with author Amos L. Wood to a meaningful conversation with a fellow glass float collector, Maxine.

He places the significance of glass float collecting in its history and its representation of “the magic there is in the natural world”, and hopes that future generations will serve as torch-bearers to carry on the tradition that has been practiced in their region for over a hundred years.