Traditional Artists of the Yakima Valley

Craftsmanship & Community

Mighty Tieton, an artisan business incubator located in central Washington, has a mission to bring makers together.

This is deeply dependent on founder Ed Marquant’s desire to connect artisan businesses that employ people in their respective communities, ensuring that the benefits flow directly to the people with cultural stakes in the process. Serving the community in this way is vital work that contributes to the growth and revitalization of the rural areas surrounding Yakima.

Listen to Steve Morgan, the manager of the mosaic and letterpress studio at Mighty Tieton, detail the process of glass cutting and mosaic creation. Under the same metaphorical roof, Maria Soloro and Theresa Martinez practice the ancient art of bookbinding by hand, and their products include books, folders, notebooks, and albums that are crafted entirely manually. Marquant believes that handmade products will always have more care and quality put into them than mass-produced items, and Mighty Tieton’s presence in the community supports this great work.